Attendance Management

  • No fuss attendance management with zero communication
  • Assign & track shifts with just a few clicks
  • Eliminate the cost & inevitability of human errors
  • Cut down the overall cost of resources & tons of man-hour

Leave Management

  • Eliminate paperwork & manual intervention
  • Enhance accessibility to track & manage leave entitlements
  • No data loss
  • Improved communication between managers & employees
  • Alignment of leave requests with company policies

Paycheck Management

  • Convenience & Easy access to information for employees
  • Real-time updates & notifications helping improved communication
  • Protect sensitive information using secure messaging and encryption
  • Reduce the risk of human error in calculating pay & benefits
  • Reduce administrative burden on HR & payroll team

Reimbursement Management

  • Increased efficiency & accuracy in processing claims
  • Efficient data tracking and reporting
  • Improve cash flow and reduce account receivable
  • Real time visibility ensuring identification & quick resolution of discrepancies
  • Speed up reimbursement process leading to improved cash flow and reduced administrative costs

Onboarding Management

  • Reduce risk of errors in collecting & processing employee information
  • Real-time updates and information avoiding confusion during onboarding
  • Secure and encrypted access to personal information
  • Efficient and streamlined experience for quick and easy onboarding


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